Reducing Carbon Footprint

In our Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Management System (CREMS), we detail our sustainability measures and goals including:

• Complying with all environmental regulations.
• Performing nationwide environmental management training.
• Encouraging staff at all levels to seek LEED Accreditation.
• Participating in sustainability organizations, conferences and forums.
• Designating a Green Office Steward in every office.
• Implementing paperless options whenever possible:
• Email in lieu of mail.
• Scanning and email in lieu of faxing.
• Electronic data storage, training manuals, newsletters, etc.
• Turning lights and equipment off when not in use.
• Improving fleet EPA-rated gas mileage by 10% over the next five years.
• Encouraging and subsidizing employee use of public transportation.
• Converting our computer fleet to Energy Star within the next five years.

$6.8 Billion Value of LEED Certified projects to date

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