Promoting Green Building

We promote green building practices on all of our projects, even when LEED Certification is not being sought by our clients. Our efforts include:

• Encouraging clients and designers to research and consider green products.
• Developing sustainability "potential points" checklists for design meetings.
• Providing cost analyses for potential sustainability items.
• Researching and promoting local/regional labor and material usage.
• Implementing trade contractor sustainability training and monitoring.
• Minimizing onsite packaging and waste generation.
• Developing waste management and indoor air quality plans.
• Developing sediment erosion control and tree protection plans.
• Thoroughly documenting all sustainability efforts.
• Minimizing paper usage and shipping by utilizing:
• Electronic bid packaging
• Electronic submittals and RFI's whenever possible.
• Electronic document archiving.

Over 80% Average recycled waste on LEED Certified projects to date

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